Privacy Policy


1. As Unit Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, we do not have access to your funds, private information, or your activity while using our application as the wallet does not directly connected to our server and the private key is locally encrypted on the device.

2. There are no registration required to use our application, therefore you are not required to provide any personal information to use the core features of our application (Pay, Send, Recieve).

3. However, we may require basic personal information if you opt in to use additional features within our application (Discover, Support).

  • To use the "Support" feature, we may require personal information such as your name and your email address so that we could contact you back and offer our support. Any information gained through the use of the "Support" feature will be considered confidential and only accessible by our employees.

  • Your IP address will not be used to track your identity but it may be used to determine your geographical location if you opt in to use the "Discover" feature. This is done so that we may provide you the most accurate information (Stores accepting Bitcoin Cash) based on your location.

4. Our application allows you to share certain information (such as wallet address) to third party services. Please understand that while using third party services, you will fall under the terms and conditions of their privacy policy and not ours; for further details on how the third party will use your information, please see the theirprivacy policy. 

5. Our application uses your camera to scan QR codes for payment requests. While doing so, the process is done within your phone and no pictures or videos from your camera is stored, or shared with us or anyone else.